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The Winter/Rainy/Low Season—May through November

The low season, or winter in Costa Rica has been dubbed the “Green Season” by the tourism industry because that makes a better first impression than "rainy".  Veteran Costa Rica travelers know that this time of year doesn't need a special moniker to make it appealing; prices are halved, crowds are gone, and while the rain forested slopes of the mountains may be getting drenched, perfect sunny days at the beach are the norm.

Our first rainy season traveling in Costa Rica we expected the worst, but were pleasantly surprised. Over half the days it didn't rain at all and the rest of the time it was a couple of hours in the afternoon bracketed by brilliant sunshine. In more than three months there were only two stretches of three days when it rained most of the time. During these drizzly days, it was clear and sunny on the opposite side of the country, so we could have avoided the rain had we thought it was a real annoyance. If you are thinking about a trip to Costa Rica during the green season, don't let the weather stop you.

Many Costa Rica regulars prefer the green season, but there are some disadvantages as well.  There are some areas where it is really wet, particularly the Atlantic slopes, and the northeast and southwest.  The Osa Peninsula gets so much rain that travel becomes difficult and many of the lodges shut down in September and October. It also seems a little dark sometimes.  Those long summer nights are a polar phenomenon and this close to the equator the days are only a few minutes longer. The sun sets about 6:00 p.m. year round.

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Costa Rican Seasons
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The Winter/Rainy/Low Season

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